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Laser Hair Removal 

Many men and women suffer the embarrassment of unwanted hair. This can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety, as well as limit choices in clothing, lifestyle and relationships.

Our goal at TranquiLaser is to help each client escape the hassles of daily shaving, tweezing, trimming and waxing. Come in today, and say "goodbye" to the hassles of unwanted hair.

Unwanted Hair

Whether it's fine downy hair or unsightly thick dark hair, many of us have hair in places we would rather not. Chances are you are probably shaving, tweezing, waxing, using depilatory creams, threading, bleaching, or all of the above on a regular basis!

The downside with these temporary methods is that they require a continual daily, weekly or monthly hair management routine. Over a long period of time this can prove to be costly, time consuming, and damaging to the hair and surrounding skin.

If you have been tempted to go down the route of "permanent" hair removal, you will probably have considered electrolysis or laser hair removal treatments. Recent years have seen advances in laser hair removal technology. This has given rise to more advanced machines capable of delivering long-term results, with little pain, that are non-invasive, capable of treating a wider range of skin colors. Hair for hair, the time spent can prove to cost the same as electrolysis and even professional waxing.

Tranquilaser is Tampa, Florida's leading laser hair removal center, conveniently located and staffed by highly experienced hair removal technicians.


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If you or someone you know is tired of shaving, the high cost of razors, ingrown hairs, waxing, tweezing, stubble, razor burn, hair bumps..... Come in to TranquiLaser today for your free no obligation consultation.




The professionals at TranquiLaser are sensitive to the needs of our clients and maintain a strict atmosphere of privacy for our clientele.



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